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PUBG Mobile releases video showing how they deal with hackers



PUBG Mobile releases video showing how they deal with hackers

PUBG Mobile continues to update security countermeasures to combat constantly-changing plug-in technology.

It has regularly released waves of bans of players that cheated in the game. And now in a new video, the company shows how they decide and go about banning cheaters.

The video dramatizes the whole process of receiving a report and the process of verifying if the player is really cheating.

PUBG MOBILE has released a behind-the-game video, introducing how the team fights against cheaters via the updated security system of “Project: Ban Pan.”

The story is based upon a real case of a 10-years-banned cheater, who describes how the security system defends and how the security team works to protect the healthy gaming environment of PUBG MOBILE.

Video shows off by talking about a person who was banned for killing players that really could not be seen.

It then goes to show how this person was banned and the first line of defence is apparently called a security defence system.

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This automatically monitors all in-game data. Now the player in question here didn’t have any anomalies in the player log. But having reports from several other players is a massive red flag.

The video even goes on to mention that if the banned person was a high-level streamer, the devs usually have enough evidence for such actions.

The developer’s team mentions that upholding fairness in the gameplay if of primary importance to them.

Recent reports, accounts have decreased 90% among the daily active users, compared to the peak, thanks to the upgraded system and players effort. Currently, about 8,000 accounts are banned for 10 years every single day.

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