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PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 8 Leaked, New dance Emote, Weapon Skins and more



PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 8 Leaked, New dance Emote, Weapon Skins and more


PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 7 is yet to end, but Royale Pass season 8 details have already surfaced online. Ahead of the official launch of season 8 emerged online revealing the upcoming upgrades. As per the leaks, Royale Pass Season 8 will be themed after the ocean and will bring a tonne of changes alongside the updated Royale pass like a new skins, new dance emotes, weapon and other rewards.

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According to the YouTuber Mr. Ghost Gaming, Upcoming Royale Pass Season 8 would feature a new rewards for Elite upgrade and Elite upgrade Plus users. Elite Upgrade are said to immediately receive 4000 UC worth of rewards including gaining of 25 Lakhs. In Elite Upgrade Plus, users receive rewards of worth 10,000 US along with two new emotes called Triumpant Victory and Spawn Island Line Dance.


It is also expected to be made available when the same update is made available for all users.

In New upgrade is expected to bring a host of new feature like the M249 LMG weapon spawn. Which is in the team death-match werehouse being replaced by the RPG-7 rocket launcher.

In weapon skins, A blue weapon skin for the DP8 and an ocean themed makeover for the trusty SCAR-L called Scarlet Horror will also arrive with PUBG Mobile season 8. Players will get their hands on the PP bison gun in the next season.

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Total 75 rewards with Royale Pass rank upgrade are on the table, such as rare outfits, Bronze Armor Shark’s bite, DP28 Delta Squads Set and more. Users can access to new emotes called Triumphant Victory and Spawn Island Line Dance, as per NDTV Gadgets.

PUBG Mobile also rolling out a new beta version 0.13.4 to the users. Beta version brings new feature to the table and stable will be rolled out before the Season 8 Royale Pass.

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