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PUBG Mobile Sanhok: Complete Guide to Clear the DOCKS



PUBG Mobile Sanhok: Complete Guide to Clear the DOCKS

The DOCKS is one of the best loot locations on the map Sanhok in PUBG Mobile. The DOCKS in Sanhok is an abandoned dock in the Southwest corner of this green island.

It has three large warehouses and two big ships parking by the dock. Moreover, you can find a lot of good loots in on the containers or insides some opening containers.

DOCK area is one of the top 5 locations of flare guns on this map. You can find weapons like – M24, Kar98k, M416, Beryl M762, AKM, etc.

You can get at least on e set og level-3 gears, including a level-3 helmet, vet, and backpack.

The DOCKS, is a hot-drop location but most of time underrated because it’s oftne out of the playing zone.

This place also surronded by hills and valleys so hard to drive to the plain from here.

Here’s how DOCK can be a safe beginning in PUBG Mobile:

  • If the plane line is prone to the east, there will be fewer teams head to Docks.
  • You can count the number of players jumping out of the plane when the plane is nearest to this location.
  • Drop in the ship or on the top of the warehouse and check out the position of enemies.
  • Loot weapons, a helmet, a military vet, and bullets in the warehouse first if it’s not crowded.
  • If you are not ready to engage, hide on the ship or jump out to swim far from this place and attack from another direction.
  • You can cross the hill, find the boat, and get to the center of the map through the river.
  • It’s pretty disadvantageous to attack the enemy on the hilltop behind Docks. There is a big rock mountain there which can be used as a cover.
  • It’s better to enter the safe zone by boat from the Docks.
  • Loot more first-aid kits, medkits, painkillers, and energy drinks so that you can survive until you get into the safe zone.

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