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PUBG Mobile shares a story of two couples who found LOVE in the game



PUBG Mobile shares a story of two couples who found LOVE in the game

In PUBG, a few people have found their partners on the game, In a recent video the developers shared stories of two couples who as fate would have it, met in the game.

The video is title PUBG Mobile- DUOS: Finding Love in Erangel, but unlike some assumptions the devs are not really turning the game into a dating sim.

The point of the video is to show that love can bloom on the battlefield as well. The two couples shown in the video are Isabelle Fox and MrxFlip and Cloud9’s Beowulf and Catlyn.

While Isabelle Fox and MrxFlip are regular streamers of the game, Beowulf is part of Cloud9’s official PUBG Mobile roster. His love interest Catlyn met him while playing the game

The two couples describe how they work as a team and how they plan their moves. Strategizing is a big part of the game and even though someone does not find the game interesting to begin with, can feel differently when someone else takes an interest.

PUBG Mobile has a new mode called Cold Front Survival on April 16. This new mode has been teased in the images posted on the official social media handles of PUBG Mobile by the developer.

This is a mode that has already been present in the Chinese version of the game, Game for Peace. It was showcased in leaks quite a while back by almost all people. But it seems that the mode is finally going to arrive on the international version of the game.

Via: BGR India

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