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PUBG Mobile Tips and tricks: Hip Fire Method & Guide



PUBG Mobile Tips and tricks: Hip Fire Method & Guide

Do you lose close-quarter PUBG Mobile battles, even after practicing for hours, also known as hip fire, it is basically shooting without opening the scope’s aiming down the sight, also known as ADS.

Use Hip Fire to Win Close Combats: Hip Shooting is basically shooting without looking down a gun’s scope or sights. At short range, it is very effective capable of bringing down enemies in a few seconds.

Hip Fire Allows You to Shoot Quickly: You can dish out damage quicker compared to having to look down scopes with this technique. It’s best used when an enemy suddenly shows up near you!

Works Best with Close Range Weapons: There’s a reason why scoped weapons are for long ranges! Use close-ranged weapons with the hip technique as you don’t need to use sights or scopes to be able to land shots.

you can ask a fellow trainee to jiggle left and right, so that you both can practice. This will give you a strong cross hair placement, which would give you an edge if you ever got into this type of situation in classic matches.

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If you are a gyroscope player and want to improve your accuracy even more, here is a special trick that will help you. Decrease your sensitivity to 1% for everything including first and third person camera and ADS. Also, open your layout, remove the scope and place it somewhere you cannot access.

Now, play a few TDM matches using only the fire button. This might be hard in the beginning, but after 3 to 4 matches, you will get used to it. Play around 50 matches of TDM in this manner and I can assure you that you will become a beast in close-quarters mode. Once you are done, switch back to you normal controls and sensitivity settings.

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