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PUBG Mobile Tips: Here’s how you win the chicken dinner as the last man standing



PUBG Mobile Tips: Here's how you win the chicken dinner as the last man standing

Every game has a basic goal, player to win the chicken dinner. We have all been in the unnerving situation, more times than not, when we are the last player alive from our squad.

This leaves you with no room to make mistakes because on the off chance that players do make a mistake, there is one to revive them.

PUBG Mobile tips to keep in mind to win that Chicken Dinner:

  1. Keep Looting until well-stocked: it is very important to make sure you are well equipped with loot to survive the entire course of the game. Once you have 2 top-notch guns, scopes and a plethora of ammunition, players may want to stop their never-ending search for better loot and focus on taking enemies out and finding good hide-outs.
  2. Make Distance from Danger Zone: Players need to make sure that they remain close to the edges of the safe zone if not all the way in.
  3. Hide As much as possible: players need to pick their hiding spots strategically. While the roofs of houses or mountain tops are a great place to hide as well as be in complete view of the movement of enemies, as the zone gets closer, such luxuries may be lost. In situations like these, hiding behind a tree, crouching inside bushes, or camouflaging by lying down in the grass are our only options.
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  1. Bait and Kill: Use these items as a trap to lure in enemies in the last couple of zones. Choose the perfect area which guarantees a perfectly planned headshot, and drop your excess first aid kits, energy drinks and even ammo that you may not need.
  2. Keep Healing up: players need to ensure their health is always up to mark. Lapses in this aspect can cost platers the entire game. While your hide-out, waiting for your enemy to make that much-awaited move.
  3. The Last Duel: skills and shooting tactics are not as important as knowing the location of enemies. More often than not, the player who locates the other’s location first, ends up winning the chicken dinner. In such a situation, there are some tricks to throw your enemy off and end up winning. For instance, throwing a frag grenade to your left and running to the right. This will confuse your opponent, and you can flank from the opposite side and take that kill.
  4. Every corpse doesn’t need to be ravaged: As you near the final 20 players, the arena is small enough to draw attention from many in any gunfire situation. By this time in the game players have the best equipment and plenty of ammo. Looting one more corpse is not worth throwing away a potential dinner, unless you’re in dire need of healing items.

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