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PUBG Mobile Tips: How to get Clothes



PUBG Mobile Tips: How to get Clothes

PUBG Mobile is one of the best battle royale games in terms of in-game cosmetics, skins and companions.

PUBG Mobile offers is truly amazing, and players love to buy these skins, as they are exceptionally well-crafted.

How to get Clothes in PUBG Mobile:

Daily Missions: Inside are some tasks, which will reset daily. Completing them mostly offer rewards of experience. Whilst the larger rewards at the top of the screen can give crates which offer clothing items as rewards.

Season Rewards: You will need to climb up the ranked ladder and on each tier, you will receive a part of the set of that particular season.

Loot: Clothes can currently be purchased through the Steam Marketplace if you are looking for something in particular, or can be found randomly in Pioneer Crates that are purchased with Battleground Points in PUBG. Pioneer Crates have a random item in them, but you can better your odds of getting rare items by purchasing more expensive crates.

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Events/Lucky Spin: most of these require UC (the in-game currency of the game) to spin the wheel. You can also wait for events which allow you to spin for free, thus giving you a chance of getting a skin bundle for free.

Spend Real Money: A reminder that it’s all cosmetic only, so you won’t get any gameplay advantages, no matter how much you spend.

Store Purchase: You can also wait for seasonal discounts to grab an outfit for yourself at a lower price than usual. Using this method, you can buy all exclusive skins from the game and use them in your matches.

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