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PUBG Mobile Tips: Top 10 Guns with Highest Damage



PUBG Mobile Tips: Top 10 Guns with Highest Damage

PUBG Mobile has a plethora of guns of different types. Some of these guns can be found in airdrops while some can be looted from buildings and compounds.

For this list, we all know Sniper Rifles are the powerful ones. But the smaller guns also help us immensely in the earlier stages of the game.

Considering the earlier game until the end game this list will feature the best guns from their classes.

Each gun inflicts a different amount of damage in PUBG Mobile.The use of these weapons depends completely on an individual’s playing style.

The list of guns has been organized from the early game, Mid game to the End game.

Top 10 guns with the highest damage in PUBG Mobile:

AWM: This gun has the highest damage in the game and uses 0.300 Magnum ammunition. Even a level 3 helmet is not sufficient to hold damage from this gun.

UMP9: The UMP9 deals the second highest damage to all the SMGs, right behind the Tommy Gun making it a very viable late-stage gun when fitted out with attachments. Its already controllable recoil can be reduced even further with a forfeit and compensator, although stealthy players may opt for a suppressor.

Kar98K: a bolt action sniper rifle and has a single shot damage of 79. It uses 7.62 ammunition. If the gun is used efficiently, it is a lethal weapon

S1897: Shotguns are very effective in close combat only. But in Pubg Mobile the Area of Effect of the shotguns cannot be felt. S187 has a 5 shot magazine which is best for close combat if you miss a couple of shots

M24: The gun has single-shot damage of 75. It takes lesser time between the shots in comparison to Kar98K. It also uses 7.62 mm ammunition.

Winchester 94: the gun deals damage of 66 per shot. It uses the 7.62 ammo. Win94 is commonly found in Miramar map.

Tommy Gun: the inability of this gun to attach sights, coupled with its relatively strong recoil makes it a challenge to use. But when it comes to close quarters this gun has no rival. A Tommy Gun with a suppressor attached is just awesome.

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MK14: Mk14 is a DMR which deals damage of 61 in the game. The gun can only be found in airdrops. It has two firing modes, semi-auto and full-auto. It uses 7.62 ammo.

AKM: A Powerful Assault rifle that uses 7.62mm ammunition. This rifle does more damage than the 5.56mm assault rifles and comes with a kick to match. The AKM is identical to M164A in that it can only accept a muzzle, magazine and sight attachments.

M249: Fire Power and Maximum Damage is a Special feature of this game. M249 can be only obtained Via Air Drops. No other gun in the game can come close to its Firepower and Damage. The M249 easily beats other guns in firing speed, range, and capacity. Holding a staggering 100 rounds.

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