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PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes Tutorials- Tips to Get Chicken Dinner



PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes Tutorials- Tips to Get Chicken Dinner

Godzilla and many titans have arrived at PUBG Mobile soon. The Titan Godzilla arrived in Erangel this morning in Update 1.4.

It’s time to prepare to get Chicken Dinner in this new game mode. These Titans will bring great excitement to this game.

Keep Safe Distance From Titans:

The Titan can crush you under their foot. These Titan will move along a pre-designed route marked on the map. Use Godzilla Crystals to fight off giant monsters in PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes. Keep a safe distance from them or they can kill you first if you stay too close to them. You can also get good supplies when killing those monsters. Don’t run into them directly.

The target of the Atomic Ray will be marked in red on the minimap. If you are in that zone, leave it right away. You are still killed even when you stay behind the cover.

Loot And Gear Up:

Drive the new sedan to move fast when approaching Titans to loot crystals or see them in a close distance. Wait until the Titans leave to loot safely.

APEX Camps are often high-risk places due to the great number of good loots. You should loot and gear up quickly. Don’t get there too early. You should wait until the camp’s wall is broken by the Titans when they pass by.

Use Titan’s Powers:

These crystals contain the power of those Titans. For example, Godzilla Crystals will burn and cause damage to enemies to knock them down. Players can obtain Kong’s power in Kong Crystals to move faster and jump higher. The Mechagodzilla helps players detect the enemies’ locations nearby for a short period of time.

It’s very useful for players to come into the safe zone early and camp to kill other players. Obtaining and using Titan’s powers can help you get Chicken Dinner easier in PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes.


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