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PUBG Mobile to Bring Erangel 2.0 soon, Karakin Map Release Teased



PUBG Mobile to Bring Erangel 2.0 soon, Karakin Map Release Teased

The PUBG Mobile Developer has been teasing the release of Erangel 2.0 for quite a while now. Mr Ghost Gaming Leaked, the next Chinese Beta version will feature the revamped map. The video leaks that in a hidden room the revamped locations of the Erangel map has been marked.

Video also shows, there is a TV that shows what looks like a shot from the new Karakin map. This could mean that Tencent Games will be bringing Karakin map soon to mobile.

The reworked Erangel was previously reported ready to release for the Beta version of the game in China. A teaser was shown in the Chinese version of the game recently which is called Game for Peace. But one of the reveals made in the video by Wynnsanity, us the map if the new Erangel which seems to be different from the previous one.

The map looks like a part of the new Eragnel 2.0, and it comes with a bunch of flags placed here and there. These flags may indicate the different factions of classes.

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The classes look like the NInja class from Call of Duty: Mobile. But the contraption looks very similar to the one we see in the anime Attack of Titans.

There are another character that throws a piece of metal that becomes a shield, which is also something we have seen in Call Of Duty: Mobile.

It also shows a man watching all this action on the screen. This reminds us of the Russian Man from Erangel who was introduced in PUBG when Erangel 2.0 dropped.

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