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PUBG Mobile Trick: How you can collect up to 30 UC every Week



PUBG Mobile Trick: How you can collect up to 30 UC every Week

PUBG Mobile has a huge number of player following that spend hours playing the game. A lot of that time is spent trying to get their hands on the best stock of items available in the game.

One of these offerings is skins, which can be bought for in-game UC, which in turn can be purchased with real money.

Not everyone can spend money to buy the in-game equivalent. But fret not, for we bring to you a trick with which you get can up to 30 UC for free every week.

How to get free 30 UC every week in PUBG Mobile

Go into the game and select the event tab, which will take you to this screen

you have to go to the recommended section on the top-right corner.

you can see the Weekly Report tab, which you have to select.

Scroll down to the redeem section. These are the rewards which you get every week for free, depending on your tier, and the most important item among these is the Bonus Challenge ticket.

You can see the current points, while on the top right, there are some tickets, besides UC. Redeem these every week, as one ticket is equivalent to 100 India bonus (IB) challenge points, and 100 IB points are equivalent to 10 UCs.

Source: sportskeeda

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