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PUBG Mobile V0.18.0 update: Check all-new features



PUBG Mobile V0.18.0 update: Check all-new features

The PUBG Mobile’s new v0.18.0 update: The tweet pretty much confirms what we’ve already known thanks to the Beta version of the game that got the new update a while back.

The new updated version of Miramar will not be called Miramar 2.0, but rather ‘Mad Miramar’. To recall, the new update is scheduled to be

1. New results screen:

You will also see a new results screen that will offer better statistics and information. You will know that, how well a certain strategy performed as well as their effectiveness with certain weapons.

2. Mad Miramar:

Mad Miramar come with the Golden Mirado, a special gold plated version of the Mirado. Only one instance of the vehicle will spawn on the map, so it’s a pretty rare commodity.

3. P90 weapon for Arena Mode:

The P90 should offer players a large magazine capacity along with a high rate of fire. These attributes should make it a very viable weapon for CQB engagements.

4. New Win94 with 2.7x scope:

The map will also come with the new Win94 weapons with a 2.7X scope attached. The standard version of the Win94 rifle could hardly equip any attachments. So having a permanent scope attachment should definitely improve the usability of the weapon.

5. Canted scope:

These sights are attached to the side of a weapon and give players the option of having to scopes on their gun. The primary slot can be taken by a scope with higher magnification, while the side scope is pretty much a red dot scope for close-quarters battles.

6. Cheer Park:

The new cheer park will come with rides and arcade games where people will be able to try those out without worrying about being shot.

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