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PUBG Mobile Vikendi: How To Clear VILLA On This Snow Map



PUBG Mobile Vikendi: How To Clear VILLA On This Snow Map

Villa is often hot-drop location on the map Vikendi because this central is usually located inside the playing zone.

In Villa, you can loot good, many powerful rare weapons, and supplies there – M24, medkits, 6x scope, etc.

There are some wood crates by the surrounding walls of the villa. You can find some SMGs, such as MP5K and UMP with bullets on those crates.

There are two broken trucks in the front yard of Villa where you can lie on an ambush. But you need to stay quiet or the opponent can finish you with a frag grenade if he hears your footstep sound.

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Another place to camp and shoot is the rooftop of two cottage houses on the left and right of the front yard. You need to park a Zima under the roof by the front door to climb to the rooftop.

It’s highly recommended that you should drive a Zima to traverse this map safely and quickly. It’s the strongest vehicle on this snow map of PUBG Mobile.

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