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PUBG Mobile Winter Update Leaks and Expected Release Date



PUBG Mobile Winter Update Leaks and Expected Release Date

PUBG Mobile Winter Update: The PUBG Mobile celebrate the Christmas festival with a Winter update. This update will bring a lot of new as well as relaunch many old winter-themed features in this update.

New Lobby: There will be a new Christmas-themed lobby with Christmas decorations. This Cozy Cabin lobby will be active within 60 days.

New Winter Themed Mode called Erangel-Frost Festival: It will take place on the map Erangel. Like the Metro mode, the game developers let players activate this game mode with a check box in the mode selection.

New Ice Castle and Winter Sky in the spawn island. You can also find three other locations Ice Castles on small islands in the West and East of the main island. The Ice Castle will be spawned randomly. Besides, the overcast sky also makes the winter map more realistic.

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There are many new Snowman balls in the Ice Castle. When you throw this ball on the ground, it will create a Snowman on the ground or an Ice Chicken statue on the ground. You can use the statues to hide after them and engage in open fights. The statue will disappear after 30 minutes. Or else, the enemy can shoot and break it.

Snowboard: This feature has been introduced once in last year’s Winter update but it’s only live during that update. The game developers will reintroduce it in the upcoming Winter Update.

Christmas-themed houses, airdrop crates, and Christmas trees. Moreover, many new Christmas events will also be live with a lot of rewards.

The Winter update will be available soon. It’s expected to come on December 10th, 2020, before Christmas day.

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