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PUBG New State is now New State Mobile: Is Krafton Distancing the game from PUBG?



PUBG New State is now New State Mobile Is Krafton Distancing the game from PUBG

PUBG New State is now New State Mobile:- PUBG: New State was released in November as a successor to the PUBG Mobile. The company is now going to change its name to New State Mobile. Krafton Inc. is trying to distance the game from PUBG Mobile by changing the name New State Mobile.

The company also released the January 0.9.23 update marking the beginning of Season 1 of the game.

It is including Extreme game mode, the P90 SMG with 5.7mm ammunition, gun customization options, and weapon balance improvements.

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As per the tweet by PUBG: New State Twitter handle, the Nickname Change Ticket is now available to purchase in the NC Store.

The Nickname Change Ticket can be purchased for 900 NC (new currency), which is an in-game currency given to players to make in-game purchases such as skins, open crates, outfits, and more items. If you don’t have enough NC, you can purchase it.

In order to get NC, users can open the PUBG: New State game, and click on the + icon beside the “N” icon. Select the package you want, and click “Purchase”.

Once done, you’ll be directed towards your mode of purchase such as debit card or credit card, UPI, Google Play Balance (on Android), among others.

You can also sign up for Google Play’s Opinion Rewards and the credits received can also be exchanged for NC.

A Krafton representative also shared with the esports publication that there are a lot of changes coming to the game, that will be shared later this year.

Players will also see some of the evolution of the game with the new BR: Extreme Mode.

In New mode, 64 players are dropped on a small area of the Trio map, where players will have to survive. The matches only last for 20 minutes and the area is filled with a lot of loot.

The company is looking to launch a PC version of the game.

According to Dot Esports citing a Krafton spokesperson, the company is not looking to bring New State to PC, as it has always been a “mobile-focused experience.”

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