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PUBG provides a behind the screens look at its Anti Cheat efforts



PUBG provides a behind the screens look at its Anti Cheat efforts


PUBG has been dealing with cheater since the beginning of its massive popularity, and PUBG Corps has taken an aggressive approach to pursuing hackers going so far as to help regional law enforcement track down and arrest the creators and purveyors of hacking tools.

A new video produced by the company provides a peek at the teams and people involved in fighting cheating in the game, According to the PC GamesN.

Dohyung Lee, the head of PUBG’s Anti Cheat Unit, and Wonha Ryu, Explain a broader concepts and approaches they use in the process of identifying cheater and hacking tools as new methods arise.

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As per the video, PUBG’s Anti Cheat Unit relies on a combination of internal tools and player reports to identify cheating trends. Once the hack is identified, the team will find the third party hacking tools or device that’s being used to affiliate the cheat.

Engineers will then world to deploy countermeasures into the game, ,while another team impose sanctions on players using the tool- usually in the form of bans.

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If that all sounds a little vague and unspecific, it’s intentional; in order to keep one step ahead of the cheaters, PUBG keeps the details of its methods under wraps. It did, reveal that it uses its systems to locate third party hacking tools and then develops ways to counter them.

It’s also utilizing AI so that it can investigate to try to get around ours, acknowledged Dongwan Kim, and anti-cheat engineer. So we recently created a very sophisticated technical response that makes it more difficult for offenders to develops illegal programs, such as an encryption of pointer and memory, virtualization of codes, section shuffles and more, AS per Eurogamer.

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