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PUBG To Introduce New Gun K2 On New Map Taego?



PUBG To Introduce New Gun K2 On New Map Taego?-2021061901

Krafton introduced a new map of Taego and a new gun K2- a legendary gun from South Korea is expected to come to PUBG in early July.

The new map Taego will arrive on the PC platform on July 7th and console on July 15th. Here are all the leaks about these two contents.

This new weapon appears in a corner of the second poster. This new gun has a longer barrel than all existing ARs in this game. It makes us think of K2 – an iconic weapon in South Korea.

It has three firing modes, including single, burst, and full-auto. Besides, the real version of Daewoo K2 supports many attachments like other ARs, such as scope, foregrip, mag, and muzzle.

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The initial bullet velocity of this new gun reaches 920m/s. Besides, the maximum effective range of fire is 600 meters. Therefore, you can use this AR as a DMR. In close combat, it’s also very powerful with a very high rate of fire which reaches 700 – 900 rounds per minute.

Taego map is similar Erangel (8X8)- consisted of a big island and a smallar one.

Taego also comes along with a Respawn Royale mechanism like in Respawn Royale mode in LABS. Players will respawn after 100 seconds as on as at least one teammate still stay alive.

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