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PUBG Update: PUBG Adds New 8v8 Team Deathmatch Mode on PC and Console



PUBG Update: PUBG Ads New 8v8 Team Deathmatch Mode on PC and Console

PUBG developers always look forward to including new features and content in the game to engage the users. PUBG has just added a new mode in its PC and Console gaming update.

The latest addition to PUBG comes in the form of a new “Arcade” section for quick and action-packed gunplay.

Team Deathmatch is a fight among two teams with 8 players each! The mode can be found under the Arcade section. And has three rounds to be played, where the team which dominates any two rounds, wins.

Unlike the battle royale mode, team deathmatch is on online mode with pits a few players in a PvP fight. The team deathmatch has already been introduced in the mobile version of PUBG last year.

The upcoming mode will bring the intense 8v8 fights, which will take place on 7 different battlefields.

According to the official Report, the maps in deathmatch mode will be pulled from existing maps, that is, no new maps.

This is available only in the FPP mode and upon entering, you’ll be dumped into any one of the seven battlegrounds with the eight-person team, fighting against each other.

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You can pick from among 2 AR kits, 2 DMR kits, 2 SR kits, 1 SMG kit, and 1 Shotgun kit. Just like PUBG Mobile, you will briefly remain invulnerable after respawning.

This new mode has three rounds to play, where the team winning at least two, wins the mode. And winning a round needs fastest 50 kills by one team or maxim kills by any team in a 10-minute round.

PUBG has cherry-picked locations (cornered off by the blue zone) from the four existing maps, including Podvosto from Vikendi, the Docks of Sanhok, and Stalber from Erangel among others.

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