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Rajkot Police wants Google to Block Download on Play Store: PUBG Mobile Ban



Rajkot Police wants Google to Block Download on Play Store: PUBG Mobile Ban


Rajkot Police has written to Google wants the company to prevent downloads of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground from the Play Store in the jurisdiction. The Government of India imposed a ban on the popular short video platform TikTok.

The Indian Government issued a notice to Apple and Google for banning the app from their store.

Last month,A clutch of jurisdictions in Gujarat issued an order banning the game following directions from the state’s home department. Rajkot was among the first few cities to clamp down. At least 15 FIRs have been filled there since the ban came into effect. However beyond cracking down on PUBG players in public, the letter sent by the Rajkot police seeks to be more comprehensive measures.

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The game has been in the cross hairs of politicians and has faced criticism from parent and even school teachers. More than 120 million users in the country and has been described as spreading violent behaviors among young users. It has also faced criticism from causing mental imbalance. And affecting the mental state of those who play the game.

The main reason for banning the game still stays the same. Its effects are very bad and it can have an impact on children. So the government though it wise to stop it, said another police official.

Previously , The ban was put into effect to prevent children from getting distracted during the exam.

PUBG Mobile has been in a lot of controversies the last few months, with media reports of the game proving harmful to both physical and metal health of players. Some cases involving PUBG have even led to fatal consequences. Despite the ban on the game, The PUBG MOBILE is till going strong in the world of mobile gaming, with new features coming.

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