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Roblox Metaverse Champions: How to get AJ Striker’s Crate Drop-in Impostor



Roblox Metaverse Champions

Roblox is a famous gaming platform for all age groups. It avail players to interact with other players and also provides several games to play and enjoy.

AJ Striker’s Crate Drop is not a piece of cake. It is very hard to procure an AJ Striker’s, Crate Drop. In imposter, you get to play within four different maps namely, Station, Containment, Vulgan, and Crystal Tundra.

To get the AJ Striker’s Crate Drop, you need to be an Innocent Crewmate in the game. When you enter as a crewmate in the game, then you have to complete each of your tasks.

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These tasks that are allotted to you are not fixed. They can change each time you try to enter a certain map. Also, remember that you will not be awarded any crate when you are an Impostor.

Secondly, you need to get a crate in each of the maps. Suppose, you get a crate in three of the four maps, you will not be able to get AJ Striker’s Crate Drop. You need to earn a crate being a crewmate in each of the maps.

You will not be getting a crate in each match. Maybe, you have to wait a long time to get it, or maybe you do not. It completely depends on your luck that whether you are getting a crate or not.

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