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TikTok suicide, PUBG Death: How to fight against Digital addiction



TikTok suicide, PUBG Death: How to fight against Digital addiction


Digital addiction is real and could be very dangerous as drug addiction, warned psychiatrists while outlining practical ways to fight the urge to use gadget non-stop both among children and adults.

The warning came following reports of 24 year old mother committing suicide last week in Tamil Nadu after she was prevented from using TikTok and 16 year students from Madhya Pradesh suffering a major cardiac arrest and losing his life after playing PUBG for 6 straight hours last month.

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How to fight digital addiction

The key to fighting digital addiction is to realise the problem when someone develops it, the experts said. The two most important things that people have to do is maintain a balance between work, life indoor, outdoor recreation and social engagements.

One must also ensure they are getting proper sleep. It is essential, Samir Parikh, Director Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Forties Healthcare, Told IANS.

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Parikh said tat adults should undergo four hours of digital detox every week- a period when they do not their phone or any gadget. If there will be difficult in that case those hours need to be addressed.

Digital addiction is as bad as addiction to any other drug. SO if you are hit by the digital addiction, the signs are that you actually tends to go off your normal routines life. You are always dependent and on the screen , Vohra told IANS.

TikTok suicide, PUBG Death: How to fight against Digital addiction

one can have clinical depression, anxiety obsessive symptoms, insomnia, irritability and difficulty in concentrating on other things. When one becomes over dependent, psychosis. So you have to be aware of all this and it can be very challenging if you don’t realize that you are going into addiction, Vohra added.

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Experts also suggested that parents should be alarmed when they notice. A child’s ability to live normally has got affected and they lash out badly when digital access is denied. Parent must be a good role models. If parents spend too much time on digital gadgets then children learn and follow by example. Encourage children to be social and develop hobbies, Parikh siad.

Vohra also suggested that when parents realize that their child is spending too much time on screen. It is very important first to have dialogue with the kid and ask them to cut down on media consumption.

If they feel that either the child is the responding the way they want, or if they feel that the child is trying to tell them lies and still using time on screen. Then it’s better to consult a mental health professional, Vohra informed.

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