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Tips to Choose Best Drop Locations in Free Fire Kalahari Map



Tips & Tricks to Best Drop Locations in Free Fire Kalahari Map

Best Locations in Free Fire Kalahari Map: Free Fire developers bring the latest features to the game. Kalahari map is one of the most popular maps among other maps. The map is smaller and has more levels of terrain, enforcing 3-dimensional combats.

Players feel that the map is shorter than Bermuda and Purgatory. Here we are helping you to choose the best landing locations in the Kalahari map.


If a gamer wants more weapons in the Kalahari map then Refinery should be the best location to land. The refinery is the center of map so it is the biggest hotspot at the beginning of the game.

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Players should be able to get a sniper rifle and camp. The oil extracting platform refinery is probably the best sniper spot on the map – it is in the middle and on high ground.


The foundation is in a vast, flat area with many buildings. It is safer than Refinery, but not by much, as many players would still be landing here.

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Due to the flat terrains, enemies can definitely snipe players from afar. It is vital to remain vigilant at all times and prepare to get into cover when needed


This location lies in the southwest corner of the map – it won’t get too much traffic. You would have to climb onto the top of the hill nearby and jump to the spine of the skeleton.

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Loot-wise, Mammoth has a lot of tents, which contain various low to mid-tier gear. Drops can also spawn in the open terrain, allowing players to stock up for combat.


The tower in the middle has a high chance to spawn a sniper rifle. The number of spawns on this location is not that small either – players can clear out a great number of structures.


The walls in the maze provide a good deal of cover, allowing players to loot for weapons and other items more easily. There are also a decent number of drops in the wrecked buildings that players can clear out.

Command Post:

The Command Post is known for its heavy weapon drop and armor kit drop. Unlike Refinery, this is not a good place for campers to land.

The Sub:

The Sub features a broken submarine that is situated to the west of the map. Overall, it is pretty weird to see a submarine stranded in the middle of the desert. There is a decent amount of loot scattered in the area around the sub and on top of it.

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