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Top 3 Differences Between FAU-G and PUBG Mobile Indian Version



Top 3 Differences Between FAU-G and PUBG Mobile Indian Version

PUBG Mobile launched last month but there has been little to none further update from the developers ever since.

FAU-G was announced in September, shortly after the ban of PUBG Mobile. Players can now pre-register for the game on Google Play Store.

While many people suspect that FAU-G will copy PUBG, the dev has ensured everyone that it would not be the case.

These 2 are the most wanted mobile games right now and fans are curious to know the differences between these 2 titles.

We will look at the 3 major differences between FAU-G and the PUBG Mobile Indian version.


FAU-G will feature a story mode that players can play solo or with other players online. There will be a battle royale mode, but it will be released in future updates of the game.

The PUBG Mobile Indian version will be pretty much the same as the PUBG Mobile global version. It will feature the battle royale mode as the main mode and other multiplayer modes for players to compete against each other.

Game Settings:

FAU-G will be set in real-world scenarios to educate players about Indian historical events and the sacrifices made by the soldiers.

The PUBG Mobile Indian version will be set in a virtual simulation training ground with a green hit effect.

Game structure:

FAU-G will have a level based game structure. The first level of the game will be in Galwan Valley.

The PUBG Mobile Indian version will let players compete with each other in different matches and game modes. All the matches have no connection to one each other whatsoever.

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