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Top 5 Features in PUBG Mobile Update 1.2



Top 5 Features in PUBG Mobile Update 1.2

PUBG latest version PUBG Mobile 1.2 has introduced many new features. Interested gamers will now be able to download the game from the Google Play Store. The latest version is full of new weapons, ultimate rewards, new improvements and other fixes.

Runic Power Mode: the features have many new weapons and gameplay which will available in Erangle map. Runic Power mode has included new runes with different powers, including Flame, Arctic, and Wind.

Better Security: the PUBG developers improved the security in this latest update. The cheat detection mechanism is also improved. Then, more hackers and cheaters will be detected and removed to guarantee a fair game environment for gamers.

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New Gun FAMAS: this new AR uses 5.56mm ammo like M416 and SCAR-L. However, it has a smaller bullet capacity. Besides, FAMAS is also a powerful AR with a very high rate of fire.

Improvements For iOS Users: lets players cancel reloading during the match. To stop reloading to continue to fight, you need to tap the fire button. Then, you can continue to fire and protect yourself in case enemies push while you are refilling bullets.

Bolt-Action SR Improvements: Two popular bolt-action sniper guns, Kar98k and M24, have higher damage per hit. Besides, the interval between two shots of these SRs is also shortened. In addition, this update also increased the speed of these two bolt-action snipers.

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