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Top 5 Most Powerful Submachine Guns To Use in Free Fire 2022



Top 5 Most Powerful Submachine Guns To Use in Free Fire 2022

Submachine Guns Free Fire 2022: SMG is the most popular weapon class in Free Fire. They are easy to use and can dish out an incredible amount of damage at close to medium range.

Submachine guns are the secondary backbone weapon of a player. In short, we called submachine guns SMG in the free fire. The ammo we load in SMG guns is known as SMG ammo, and this kind of gun is allowed to play in the middle range of the match. Their rate of fire is tremendous.

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A game cannot be a battle royal game without guns and other defending and attacking elements. In this type of game, there are several types of firearms such as SMGs, pistols, shotguns, rifles, snipers, machine guns, and many more.

5 Most Powerful Submachine Guns To Use in Free Fire 2022

Vector (Akimbo):

Vector gun has launched in the free fire a few years back, and now this gun has been rocking in the game. Vector is the first akimbo gun in the free fire where players can hold the same submachine gun in both hands, which means we can use two vector guns simultaneously. So your opponent will think twice before trying to instigate you because of using both the firearms simultaneously. The bullet speed and the vector gun’s damage in the free-fire are very high.

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  • Damage: 47
  • Range: 32
  • Movement speed: 69
  • Magazine 25
  • Rate of fire: 81
  • Reload speed: 41
  • Accuracy: 61
  • Armor penetration: 0


The MAC 10 with a built-in silencer is the newest addition to the SMG class in OB31. With its pre-attached silencer, MAC 10 users can easily backstab enemies without them realizing it.

MP40 Submachine Gun:

MP40 is the most powerful weapon for short-range fights and belongs to the submachine guns (SMG) category. The MP40 is the best and the most powerful weapon in the free fire. Its bullet shooting speed is incredible. Only this gun carries a higher rate of fire. Therefore, if you want to take down the enemy in a very short period, this will be the best SMG gun for you.

  • Damage: 48
  • Range: 22
  • Magazine: 20
  • Movement speed: 63
  • Rate of fire: 83
  • Reload speed: 48
  • Accuracy: 17


Thompson is the next decent and most powerful submachine gun in free fire. This gun comes with a large-caliber and double-shot SMG Power, which can quickly damage and knock down the enemy in the middle range area. This gun also sounds most pleasant and peaceful.

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  • Damage: 50
  • Range: 33
  • Magazine: 42
  • Movement speed: 64
  • Rate of fire: 77
  • Reload speed: 48
  • Accuracy: 42


The UMP is probably the best SMG stat-wise, with decent damage, fire rate, and accuracy across the board. However, its biggest strength is the ability to penetrate armor, allowing the weapon to retain its effectiveness even in the late game.

  • Damage: 50
  • Range: 37
  • Magazine: 48
  • Movement speed: 79
  • Rate of fire: 74
  • Reload speed: 77
  • Accuracy: 43
  • Armor penetration: 67


The VSS is even better at sniping than the CG15. With 82 range, you can use it the same way as any Sniper or Assault rifle. As it has a scope pre-attached, players can begin combat right away without any problem.

  • Damage: 54
  • Range: 82
  • Magazine: 15
  • Movement speed: 59
  • Rate of fire: 48
  • Reload speed: 55
  • Accuracy: 73

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