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What is desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile: All you need to know



What is desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile: All you need to know

There are various guns available in PUBG Mobile in order to earn a chicken dinner.

When players’s ammo runs out in the final stages of the game or when they don’t have enough time to reload against an enemy.

A highly wrecking semi-automatic and personalised hand canon finally made its way to PUBG last year and has since been used to cut through the armours and helms.

Many players prefer to use the Desert Eagle as a secondary weapon due to the severe damage that it can inflict.

However, it only has a magazine size of 7 and uses the .45 ACP ammunition.

What is Desert Eagle in PUBG?

The Desert Eagle is a powerful semi-automatic handgun and it causes intense damage of 62 with 248.0 damage per second.

The pistol can crush the enemy’s head wearing a Level 3 helmet in only two shots, and can drop the opponent with a Level 1 helmet with a single bullet to the head.

The Desert Eagle has an effective fire range being 100 meters. It gives a clear message to the opponents to maintain a safe distance.

Stats of the Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile:

The weapon’s potential to shoot down opponents with a single bullet in the early game makes it an extremely difficult weapon to defend against, especially considering the precision aiming it comes with.

Damage: 62
Rate of Fire: 31
Range: 31
Capacity: 7
Stability: 42

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