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What is GTA 5’s Canon Ending? Explained all 3 endings



What is GTA 5's Canon Ending

What is GTA 5’s Canon Ending: There are three engines in Grand Theft Auto, However, Option C: Deathwish is the canon one. As you all know that Option C is the one where all the three protagonists survive and unite against their enemies.

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List all Three Endings of GTA 5:

The player is explicitly given a choice to pick which ending they want to choose. In some games, there isn’t a canon ending. However, GTA 5 does have a canon ending, thanks to the events of GTA Online.

  • Trevor dies
  • Michael Dies
  • Michael and Trevor survive

The canon ending:

It’s worth talking about what happens when the player chooses Option C in GTA 5 (which is done when they call Lester).

Lester then sends all three protagonists their money from the Union Depository heist.

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  • Trevor kills Steve Haines
  • Michael kills Stretch
  • Franklin kills Wei Cheng
  • Trevor kidnaps Devin Weston, and the three protagonists kill him

Option B (non-canon):

This ending has Franklin begrudgingly killing Michael. None of the major enemies from Option C are dealt with, meaning that some major plots never get resolved as a result.

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Predictably, this ending means that the player can never play as Michael De Santa in this playthrough ever again, meaning that they lose access to any unique features associated with him.

  • Trevor refuses to hang out with Franklin
  • Neither protagonist can hang out with Jimmy anymore
  • Trevor can’t hang out with Lamar anymore
  • Franklin can only hang out with Lamar at night

Option A (non-canon):

The final non-canon GTA 5 ending is Option A, where Franklin and Michael kill Trevor. Like Option B, none of the major enemies in the main storyline are dealt with here. However, there are some minor differences compared to Option B (aside from Trevor dying instead of Michael).

GTA 5’s canon ending Details:

GTA Online has several references to its single-player predecessor that confirm that Option C (The Third Way) is the canon ending. Some examples include:

Casino – Strong Arm Tactics (Tao Cheng states that he almost died at the Pacific Bluffs Country Club, which is where Option C took place)

On Course (Franklin references Michael being alive and hoping that he isn’t at work today)

Hangar cutscene (Ron states that Trevor went “Vinewood” on him)


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