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Google Android 9 Pie is Rolling out, here are features/updates



Google Android 9 Pie is Rolling out, here are features

Google Android 9 Pie is officially name of Google’s Android P Operating System, Android Pie is now available for Google Pixel phones and the Essential Phone today and coming to additional devices throughout this year.

Android 9 Pie update, with Design changes, helpful shortcuts, big focus on Al through adaptive settings. This operating system trying to make user’s phone more personal, more efficient and easier to use.


Google’s Android Pie , previously only been available to those willing to install the beta software. Google announced 140,000 users participated in the program in Monday.


Beta program was offered to devices outside of Google’s own lineup. Devices from Nokia, VIVO, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Sony, Essential and OPPO. All of which participated in the beta program, will receive Android 9 Pie.


Here are some new Feature added in Android 9 Pie (Consumer and Developer):


App Dashboard:
It gives you a bird’s eye view of how you use your android Phone, and you can see how long you have used your phone in a day and which apps you have used most. This will help you to realize that you spend way too much time.

It is also showing how many times you have unlocked your phone , number of notifications received and you can set time limits on your apps.

App Timer:
You can tap into the apps you are using and set time limit for daily usage from app Dashboard. You can set times for app, whether it’s 15 minutes in a day, half an hour or two hours, depend on the choice. The app will gray out on your home screen and will not able to launch it.

Do Not Disturb:
In the new do not disturb mode takes out all visual indications. So you will not get alerts to new message, snaps or emails. Google also adding a feature where you can trun the phne on its face to activate do not disturb automatically.

Wind Down: it starts eliminating blue light and then , as your preset bedtime approach, starts to turn the screen to grayscale, which will make using apps.

Adaptive Battery Life:

This makes sure only the apps you need are using your battery, it should help you use your smartphone longer between charges.

Adaptive Brightness:

Google Adaptive brightness give phone makers a more power efficient way to calibrate phone screen brightness based on the environment and learned behavior. It feature have stopped manually adjusting the brightness.

App Actions:

It will recommend certain action that you might normally take inside some apps. If you usually launch spotify and start playing a rock playlist, it might offer a quick shortcut to that playlist when you plug in headphones.

App Slices:

It is a part of App Actions , Google will let you quickly access shortcut in Google search. If you are searching for Lyft you might see a quick shortcut to book a Lyft ride home.

157 New Emoji:

Android 9 Pie include 157 new emoji, all of which will be available in the Android 9 Pie, it include a llama, a superhero and gender neutral family.


Android 9 Pie’s features for Developer – New APIs, ML Kit, it did add support for iPhone X-like Display notches.


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