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Google banned cryptocurrency mining apps from the Android Play Store



Google banned cryptocurrency mining apps from the Android Play Store

Google has expanded its list of banned Android apps, adding cryptocurrency miners to the roaster of the content not allowed on the Play Store. those crypto-miners presented on the Google Play Store will be banned in coming days. Google are hopefully protecting users/ phone and tablet from the damage caused by mining digital coins.


Apple already banned those app from iOS apps Store and Mac App Store. Apple has taken the same steps in the last month, when introduced a new section on cryptocurrency in its guidelines on App Store saying “Apps including any third party advertisements display within them, may not run unrelated background processes such as cryptocurrency mining”, reported by financialexpress.


Google also introduced other content restriction which no longer allow applications that “appeal to children but contain adult theme”. and said that i will not allow apps that contain or promote sexually explicit content , such as pronography.


according tot he Google Play store policies “”in general , we don’t allow content or service intended to be sexually gratifying.

if it comes to know any content with child sexual abuse image, it will report and delete the Google accounts of those involved with the distribution.

Google block on crypto mining extension on the Chrome Web Store, ban on cryptocurrency in the Play Store. Following the rise in CoinHive based in browser miners. it stopped acception new crypto mining extension April.


And delisted them in June, altering its previous policies that allowed crypto miners asl long as they sufficiently explained their purpose. It banned them outright after finding that 90 percent of the mining extension failed to inform users of their mining functionality.


in a worst case, a cryptocurrency miner can cause physical damage to a smartphone or tablet by causing it to overheat, the ban is an importnat one.


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