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Google Deletes 8 million Negatives TikTok Reviews from Play Store to improve rating



Google Deletes 8 million Negatives TikTok Reviews from Play Store to improve rating

From the last few days, we are witnessing the never-ending war-‘Youtube VS TikTok’ on all our social media platforms. Several hashtags asking users to ban TikTok and India against TikTok started trending on Twitter.

TikTok’s app ratings have seen a major improvement on Play Store after Google deleted about 8 million negative reviews.

Recently, the Youtube vs TikTok debate led to the latter receiving a lot of flak and negative feedback. Things turned south especially when a roast video by a popular Indian YouTuber was deleted after setting several Youtube records.

According to the latest media reports, tech giant Google came to rescue the app and deleted millions of bad reviews from the Play Store post the fiasco. As per the reports, Google has removed over 8 million negative comments for TikTok which has ultimately improved its rating.

This further led to a drastic decrease in app ratings – which dropped from 4.7 to 3 and then eventually to its lowest ever of 1.2.

This may come as a relief to the app users and those who are especially addicted to it. But it is perhaps not the end of the debate as a TikTok ban continues to be demanded across social networking platforms with controversies related to certain videos erupting every now and then.

The whole fiasco started when a popular YouTuber CarryMinati (real name Ajay Negar) created a video on YouTube vs TikTok a few days back where he was seen roasting popular TikToker Amir Siddiqui (who had once claimed he would be honoured to get roasted by CarryMinati).

The video went viral and it became a breeding ground for memers. The video was taken down from YouTube owing to the content violation and Ajay Negar created another video asking his fans to stop misusing the video for their benefit. Ajay got emotional while talking about the video and sending the message at the same time.

Source: DNA

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