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Google Mandates 2 years of Security Updates for Phone in new Android contract



Google Mandates 2 years of Security Updates for Phone in new Android contract

A security team at Google release a news set of patch for Android, and every month m carriers and manufacturer struggle to get them installed on actual phones.

Google announced it would completely revamp how to monetizes Android in the European Economic Area (EEA) due to new regulations associated with a $5 billion fine the company received for violating European antitrust laws.

The contract provide to The Verge has new guidelines for how often and for how long smartphone manufactures must provide Android security updates for their devices. According to the contrast, OEMs must update devices at least once every 90 days and must do so for at least two years after a device launches.

The contract also stated that these OEMs partner must provide “At least four security update” within a year of the smartphone’s launch.

Google has mandated that security update must in the second year of the smartphone as well but there is no specified minimum number of updates.

David Kleidermacher, Head of Android security, referred to these terms earlier this year during a talk at Google I/O.

He said that Google had added a provision into its agreements with partners to roll out regular security updates. However it was not clear, it will be apply for which device, how often updates would come , or for how long.


Google has had to nudge carries and manufactures to fix the problem in recent years. Android have made very easy how recently phone updated.

Google has also used The Enterprise recommended program to encourage large buyer to pick safer phone and reward manufacture.


A contract states that device must sell more than 100,000 units to be part of the mandate. Granted , most major devices from large OEMs will sell 100,000 units easily , but smaller companies.

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