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Google Pay Offering Scratch Card Lets You Earn Up to Rs 1,000: Here’s How to get them



Google Pay Offering Scratch Card Lets You Earn Up to Rs 1,000: Here's How to get them

Google Pay is constantly getting many promotional offers for users in India. After launching its Diwali offer during the festive season. As a part of the offer, the company asked Google Pay user to collect different stamps. These stamps were labelled with traditional Diwali-related items.

The company provided users Rs 251 as a reward if they collected all these stamps. Users could only gather these stamps if they used the app to pay a bill or rather payments.

This new offer is called On-Air and it rewards users up to Rs 1,000 on the following conditions. Google Pay users can earn when they encounter an ad related to the service either on TV or YouTube. The app will listen to the ad and reward the user with a scratch card.

As per the offer details listed within the app, Google assures a reward from Rs 10 to Rs 1,000. The company noted that the scratch cards will be from the Google India Playlist. Google also clarified that the app only listens to audio in the On-Air tab. In addition, the audio data never leaves the smartphone. This promotional offer is set to end on December 2, 2019, at 11:59 PM.

Users can unlock the scratch card by sending payment to their friends. The second scratch card asks users to make a payment to any merchant. Similar to the Diwali offer, this offer also asks users to use the Google Pay app.

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