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Google Pixel Buds A: Specification, Features, Price in India, and everything you need to know



Google Pixel Buds A: Specification, Features, Price in India, and everything you need to know

Google is working on Pixel Buds, A report says these TWS earbuds will be dubbed as Google Pixel Buds A.

To remind you, Google released its first wireless TWS Pixel Buds back in 2017, which was updated last year. The 2020 version of the Pixel Buds received a lot of praise, but it was definitely a costly purchase at $179, and not everyone could afford it.

In response to which Google is working on Pixel Buds A, which is expected to follow the same design language as the Pixel Buds but will come at a much lower price range.

We can predict that we could hear about the Pixel Buds during the Google IO slated to take place between May 18-20

Google Pixel Buds A Specifications:

An FCC listing with GPY2 model number popped up to reveal that the upcoming Pixel Buds A measure 27 x 20 x 15mm, which is almost the same as the Pixel Buds, making us believe that there’s no change, at least on the design front.

The Pixel Buds A will ship in two colour options, all white and forest green option.

While the 2020 variant had a prominent black accent over the charging case and the earbuds.

Another leak coming up suggests that Google Pixel Buds A might ditch the swipe to adjust the volume feature. This has been again discovered by 9to5Google while decompiling the latest Pixel Buds app version (1.0.367372739). It is also found that the upcoming buds are being referred to as “type-two”, whereas the previous Pixel Buds were referred to as “type-one”.

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Further, the code reveals that the Pixel Buds A will not have a charging indicator inside the case, which is in line with the leaked picture of the Pixel Buds A. Finally, it also reveals that Pixel Buds A will not have volume controls on the earbuds themselves.

The touch controls are meant to stay on the Pixel Buds A too. As per a report, the touch controls will be available for both media controls and Google Assistant.

Some corners will indeed be cut down on the upcoming Pixel Buds A to keep its pricing down. We are still unsure what those will be and hope that more information pops up in future leaks.

Pixel Buds A India price:

Pixel Buds recently received a price cut of $50, bringing the price down to $129, which makes us expect that the Pixel Buds may start shipping at a starting price of $120, around Rs 9,000 in India.

Source: IndiaToday

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