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Google responds to months old Camera issue, so someone made a workaround



Google responds to months old Camera issue, so someone made a workaround

There are number of flagship that come to the fore when we talk about the best smartphone camera. Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL , but the issue with the camera ’s panorama mode has been pestering users for eight months now, to which Google finally seems to have responds. The Pixel 2 is not perfect and its camera app has been plagued with variety of issue since its launched.


As mentioned Android Police, You will find that he manual mode in any camera on the Pixel 2 will act finicky when you try to adjust the focus. The image starts to become blurry instead of becoming sharper when you approach infinite focus.


Results in blurry panoramas, this case since the phone’s launch, the Pixel 2 is free of the nay such issue whatsoever.
Google refused to acknowledge the problem or even created a patch to come with a workaround.


Google Spokeman finally respond, We are aware of the issue and expect to release an improvement for panoramas and photo spheres taken on Pixel 2 later this year.


If you use a manual camera app and start adjusting the focus to infinity, objects through the viewfinder will become sharper and sharper. It reach the infinity focus point, Image goes blurry, resulting in the blurry panoramas , among the other thing. Pixel 2 still has this problem , even on the latest update.


An Individual has found a way around the bug by crating patched binary for the camera’s HAL Module. This workaround is only for the rooted users (works with the recent update on build walleye-opm4.171019.021.q1-factory-a4b25146) and works by fixing your focus at 0.5 when you try to go under it.


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