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Google Working on big redesign for Google Photo, Gmail and Drive



Google Working on big redesign for Google Photo, Gmail and Drive

Google is making changes to its material design elements, only a few days ago we saw reports that said the company is finally rolling out the new sign-in page for GSuite and now a new video has surfaced that disclosed new design for Google Gdrive, GMail, Photo and Google Trips.


Google is pushing out a major revamp to its Material Design guidelines. the new design language is slowly creeping across Google’s portfolio and so far we have seen big changes for GMail. Android side of things has so far only been the base operating system, but Google design video has surfaced that shows off new designs for Gmail, Google Photo, Google Trips and Google Drive.


Video is a design sizzle reel from Adam Grabowski and Nicolo Bianchino. they are not Googlers themeselves, they are collaborators who have worked on video for major Google designs in the past. Video says two, worked together with the Google Material Design team to create a piece showcasing their updated design system for their internal teams.


Please note that this video is not official so the design changes shown in the video may not be necessarily toll out the messes.


Google photo looks like , its does now but with a white background and planty of outline artwork. Every Interface adopting the new Material Design guidelines seems to get these new outline UI icons.


Google Drive new member of the bottom controls club. it gets a tab bar at the bottom showing “home”, favorite shared with me and mysterious folder tab. there are also tabs a search bar.


Google Trips gets a really coll search bar up at the top, that contains a search icon , a colorful Google Trips Logo and menu button.


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