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Govt lists its Wishlist for WhatsApp, company agreed to Govt demand: Fake Messages



Govt lists its Wishlist for WhatsApp, company agreed to Govt demand:

After the eeting in Delhi, the Union IT Minister, Ravi Shakar Prasad informed that the Facebook owned company has agreed to Govt ‘s demands.

Indian Government told WhatsApp to appoint a grievance officer, set up a corporate entity in India and find a mechanism to check on the orgin of fake message at the earliest.

Ravi Shankar Prasad said that, “We have a productive meeting with the WhatsApp CEO , there were three main points that we discussed– they should have a corporate entity in India, They should comply with Indian laws , and must have a governance office here.”

IT Minister Ravi Shankar, added, he has stressed to WhatsApp that the company find solutions for locating the origin of fake message and that should not be a rocket science.
“WhatsApp has a lot of participation in education and health care projects, these things are all positive but it also leads to siniter activities like mob lynching and revenge porn”

CEO of WhatsApp Chris Daniels , as the company is trying to address concerns around fake news on its messaging platform which have led to horrific like mob-lynching.

According to the sources, CEO of WhatsApp C. Daniels will be in India for 4-5 days and meet business and Government officials during his visit.

The Minister said that, WhatsApp has been asked about the data location in India for its service. “Thhese will be applicable to all the companies and we have flagged this off to the RBI too”

Source said that, the main agenda of Daniels’ visit was to discuss measures which were being undertaken to counter the issue of fake news on its platform as well as the impending launch of its payments service in the country.

in the past few months, fake messages circulating on WhatsApp have incited incidents of mob fury across parts of India and the Govt has taken strong exception to these development.

Govt also sent out notices to the WhatsApp directly it to take urgent action to curb false information and rumors being spread on the messaging platform.

The Govt holds the view that the platform can not escape its responsibility for such abuse and needs to find originators of provocative message.
it also warned that in the absence of adequate checks , it will treat the messaging platform as abettor of rumor propagation and legal consequences will follow.

In reply, WhatsApp informed the Govt that it is building a local team, including India head. as part of steps to check fake news circulation even as it did meet the key demand of identifying message originators, inputs form the India Today.

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