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How to Block Spam Calls & Text Messages: The Complete Guide



How to Block Spam Calls & Text Messages: The Complete Guide

Spam calls and Texts are so annoying to a disaster in the last couple of years. If you have ever been a victim of phone harassment of Phone fraud. Here is how to clock and report calls so they will not bother you again.

Since Android and iOS are most popular mobile OS in the world, So you can take a action to block spam calls and messages on your specific device.

What Types of Unwanted calls

before you know how to clock a spam calls & Messages, It is important to understand the types of calls you may bock. Unwanted calls come in many forms like Phone Harassment, Blocked or no Caller ID calls, Spam Calls, Robocalls etc.

Blocked or No caller ID calls:

Types of calls have , which completely masked their caller ID, Because it has not phone number behind the blocked call. It can either from people that you know or do not know. I may be, if someone is blocking their phone number to call you0 there is likely not a great reason for it.

Phone Harassment:

This can be occurs when someone uses phone calls to annoy, harass or threaten you. That include a telephone continually ring, inappropriate comments or suggestion etc. This type of calls came from people that you know.

Spam Calls:

Spam calls are irrelevant phone calls sent to a large number of recipient, who have to expressed interest in receiving the message. It can be telemarketing calls, cold calls, phone scams etc.


Robocalls are a computerized auto-dialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as it form of robot. Robcalls area associated with political campaigns, telemarketing phone campaigns or emergency announcements. It can be fraudulent.

How to Block Spam calls on iPhone:

There are many types of unwanted calls you may want to block on your smartphone. Here you can see the device specific steps you can take block spam calls here are steps to Block Spam calls

Using Do Not Disturb to block Unknown callers:

You can set it up to allows you to block calls from all unknown numbers while allowing calls from people in your contacts. If you are sure about all important pople in your contant list in that case you can take this steps

1- go to “Settings -> Do Not Disturb“. Here, flip the switch next to “Manual” to “On”

2- “Allow Calls From“. By default, this would probably be set to “Favorites“. Change it to “All Contacts“

3- Go back, and under the section that says “Silence“, select “Always“

How to Block Spam Calls & Text Messages: The Complete Guide

How to Block Specific Numbers on iPhone:

You can also block number individually, open the phone app and tap the icon next to the number you wan tot block. Now tap on Block This caller option to block calls from that number forever.

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Open “Phone”
  • Select “Call Blocking & Identification”
  • Select “Block Contact”
  • Enter the phone number or select an existing contact
Block Spam calls using Third Party Apps:

There are many third party apps are available, here we are taking about RoboKiller which has even won FTC’s Robocalls Contest. RoboKiller stop more than 90% of spam calls that you are receiving and its users have attested to that statement. Once downloaded , just open the settings app on your iPhone and go to the Phone-> call Blocking and Identification and flick the toggle next to your app to allow it.

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How to Block Spam Calls on Android Operating System

In Android mobile there are different way to block spam calls. Default call blocking to block unwanted phone numbers, most easy way to block a phone number

  • Open the “Phone” app
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Tap Settings for “adding and removing blocked numbers”
  • Turn on “Block Unknown Callers”

A recent call blocking service is the new “Call Screening” feature on the new Pixel 3 device which forward call to Google Assistant Which a robot can not bypass. Samsung also offer a Smart Call service which can easily identify spam calls and block them

Block a Specific Spam Calls:

Android users can also block individual spam calls if no other service can block automatically for them. To block a calls by opening the Phone app and then tapping on the (i) button next to a number. You can block a number using third party app. There are various third party apps are available in Play Store.

How to Filter Spam Calls using Own Carrier

If you are still getting spam calls, you can take call blocking to the next level. You can filter spammer and scammers at carrier level.


Customer can enable the AT&T call Protect feature, which will automatically block fraudulent calls and warn you of suspected scammers. The call Protect service is a free app provided by the company for its postpaid customers.

Company also offer a Plus version of the service for $3.99 per month that offers reverse number searches and enhanced caller ID.

Verizon Wireless:

Verizon’s CallFilter technology identified and blocked spam calls. Service available for Prepaid and postpaid Customer for $2.99 per month and enable spam filter option from within the app.


By default , it will notified of suspected scammers whey they call. but you can also activate an optional account feature called Scam block that prevents those scammers from getting through to your number at all.


It provides a $2.99 per month service called Premium Caller ID that tries to identify numbers that are not in your address book, warning you if it suspects a spam call. it can block spam calls automatically.

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