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How to Download & Install PUBG Mobile Lite: Complete Steps



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Tencent games have released PUBG Mobile LITE but its restricted to some country. The PUBG Mobile is now available only in Philippines on the Google Play Store, but players from India could get their hands on PUBG Mobile LITE by downloading APK onto their smartphone.

What is PUBG Lite version?

PUBG Lite version is a lightweight version of the battle royale game. It will consume less powerful smartphone. PUBG Mobile Lite is similarity between the game visuals on the official PUBG Mobile and the PUBG Mobile Lite. Both apps having splash and login screens bear an uncanny resemblance.

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in PUBG Mobile Lite version, The number of competitors have been reduced to 40. PUBG Mobile Lite will feature lesser games modes which will include squad, duo and solo matches in TTP.

PUBG Mobile Lite Size?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile comes in a 1.8GB package, but in PUBG Mobile Lite will only 388MB. The lite version features a map which looks like an extract from Erangel. The same is also true for graphics, which have been toned down in the Lite version so that it is supported easily on Phones with low Specifications.

How to Download & Install PUBG Mobile Lite Steps

  • Visit to
  • Download the PUBG LITE .XAPK File- Click here to Download
  • After download, use any file explorer (like ES File Explorer) and go the downloaded location
  • Change the extension of the file from .XAPK to .ZIP
  • Unzip it and install the PUBG Mobile LITE APK First
  • Remember, Do not open the game yet
  • Need to move data folder to OBB Folder which is Android>OBB Folder
  • Need to use VPN (Super VPN) app as the game is installed
  • Set your country Brazil and open the Game
  • Create account & Enjoy PUBG Mobile Lite

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How to Download & Install PUBG Lite on PC

  1. Visit PUBG Lite official website via Chrome-
  2. Need to apply for PUBG ID & Download the pubg Lite Launcher setup
  3. Download option & Scroll down to click orange Download button to get PUBG Lite version
  4. Click the Apply for ID button on the top right & center the required credentials to create account.
  5. Click confirmed to register link to verify PUBG ID.
  6. Download a VPN Software & run the VPN , switch to Thailand server and start the service.
  7. Open PUBG Lite Launcher & user the ID and Password you had created before to log into the launcher.
  8. Launcher will open you will get a orange button , you need to click to download PUBG Lite on your PC (File size will be 1.9GB).
  9. Once downloaded, close the launcher

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