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How to Enable two-factor authentication for Instagram



How to Enable two-factor authentication for Instagram

How to Enable two-factor authentication for Instagram: In the backdrop of rampant hacking and ever-mounting data tracking, an additional layer of safeguard for sensitive information against unauthorized access has become indispensable. Of course, nothing can guarantee a full-proof shield against hackers these days.

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However, It always pays to have some extra cushion under the hood to prevent the unexpected from turning out to be real doesn’t it? So, if the security of your major social accounts has been giving you sleepless nights and you don’t want your personal data to easily fall into wrong hands, make the most of two-factor authentication. If you don’t know where to begin, here is a rundown to help you enable two-factor authentication on your Instagram.

How to Enable two-factor authentication on Smartphone

Open the Instagram app on your mobile device > tap on the profile tab and then go to setting

Tap on the Security and select Two-factor authentication option

Tap to get Started and then choose your desired security method.

How to Enable two-factor authentication on Web Browser

Go to and then log in your account

Click on the profile tab at the top right corner

Tap on the setting Icon located near your profile picture

Choose Privacy and Security option

Select Edit Two-Factor Authentication Setting

Select prefferred security method.

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