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How to Improve Battery Life on Android Smartphone: Guide



How to Improve Battery Life on Android Smartphone: Guide

How to Improve Battery Life on Android Smartphones: Battery life is an essential part of Android devices. Many Android smartphones are in the market with good battery life. However, do not have endless battery life.

There are lots of factors that impact in battery life of the Android smartphone like running background apps, display brightness level, media viewing, faster quad-core processors, more software, power-hungry GPS radios, etc.

Optimize Battery Usage:

You can check the app to see whether optimized or not. However, this feature is available by default in many android smartphones like Samsung.

  • Open Setting
  • Select Apps> See all app
  • Go to the app you want to check * select Battery
  • choose from Unrestricted (no optimization), Optimized, or Restricted.

Keep Apps to SLEEP:

Open the Settings app on your device and navigate to Device care.

Select Battery > App power management.

If you haven’t already, switch on Put unused apps to sleep so your phone can automatically put seldom-used apps to sleep.

Choose Sleeping apps to manually put apps to sleep when not used frequently. To add an app, tap the Plus icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Select the apps you want and hit Add.

You can remove apps from the list by selecting the three-dots icon in the top-right corner of the screen and choosing Remove. Once you’re done selecting the apps, choose Remove again.

Follow the same steps above to add or remove Deep sleeping apps as well as to add or remove apps from the Apps that won’t be put to sleep list.

Enable Adaptive Battery:

Open the Settings app

Device care > Battery.

Select App power management

Ensure the Adaptive battery is toggled on.

Enable Adaptive Brightness:

Go to your phone’s settings and select Display.

Find and tap on Adaptive brightness, and enable it if it isn’t enabled already.

Save Battery Using App:

There are many apps available in Play Store that can save battery power like AccuBattery, Greenfy etc.

Remove unnecessary Apps:

Go to Settings, select Apps, and then tap an app you think is using up a lot of your power.

Beneath Battery, you can see the percentage of how much power the app has used since you last charged your phone.

If you find an app that’s using a lot of power, tap Battery. Toggle off Allow background activity to prevent the app from operating in the background. (On some non-Samsung phones, you can select Restricted to do the same thing.)

From the same page (on Samsung phones), you can also adjust battery usage for all your apps by tapping Optimize battery usage. Here, you can choose to optimize each app’s battery usage. Toggling on Optimize battery usage will limit some app functions to save on battery.

Use Battery-Saving Power Mode:

Maximum power-saving mode conserves the most battery. It blocks apps from using data or your location in the background, turns off Always On Display, and uses dark mode with a simplified home screen.

Medium power saving mode blocks apps from operating in the background and turns off Always On Display.

Optimized is the setting I use daily. It’s supposed to give you the “recommended balance of performance and battery life.”

High performance is what you shouldn’t use if you’re trying to save battery, as it uses maximum screen brightness and resolution.

9 More ways Save Battery Life on Android Smartphones:

Black Wallpaper: Because of most smartphones on the market have AMOLED screens which only illuminates the colored pixels. And black pixels are unlit, so the more black pixels you have, or the darker pixels, the less power is needed to light them up.

Find why drains Battery:

You can do it by going to “Settings > Battery”.

This option will break down what’s consuming your phone’s battery. Applications and features will display in a descending list of battery hogs. If you find an application that you barely use or a feature you never use, you’ll want to uninstall the app or turn off the feature.

Control apps refresh frequency: To disable this just go to “Settings > Accounts” and uncheck Auto-sync data to prevent your Android device from automatically syncing with your Google accounts (and other accounts) in the background.

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Shorter Screen Timeout: Reducing it will help keep your battery running for longer.

Switch off vibrate: It actually takes more power to vibrate your phone than it does to ring it.

Use lite version Android apps: There main edition will definitely help you to lower the consumption of the battery.

Turn off animations:

To change animation settings you have to access “Developer Options” — an option that is hidden inside your Android settings.

To enter into Developer mode, go to “Settings>>About phone” and tap on “Build number” a few times and then go back to the main settings page to find the activated “Developer Options”. Now go to enabled Developer Options, and scroll down to find three options namely “Window animation scale“, “Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale” and turn them off.

Turn off unwanted services: Disable some services like WiFi, GPS, NFC, and Bluetooth after their use without knowing their negative impact on your Android device battery life.

Use Greenify: Greenify saves your battery life by pushing apps into a kinda hibernation mode and stopping them from running background until you reopen them again.

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