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How to increase Battery life of smartphones: Here’s tips



How to increase Battery life of smartphones: Here's tips

How to increase Battery life of smartphones: Most of the Smartphones having an issue with battery life. The smartphone needs to be charged due to navigating, searching, media playback etc.

Here are 6 ways to increase the battery life of any smartphones.

Bluetooth Turn Off: Bluetooth reduces the performance of the battery if Bluetooth is not used then switch off.

Location Services: Battery consuming increase when GPS turned on. You make sure to turn of when not used.

Stop unnecessary background apps: backgrounds apps always use the processor and this reduces the battery of the smartphone. To enhance battery life, shut down all background apps.

Maintain brightness: If the brightness level is excessive then it should devour extra battery. You maintain the brightness level or select it to on auto.

Do not use stay wallpaper: using stay wallpaper or widgets, the show must be up to fate at larger frequencies. In addition to refreshing the display at excessive charges, widgets and stay wallpapers use the cellphone’s assets to remain up to date, which prices extra battery.

Turn off the Always-On show: The always-on characteristic consumes sooner battery. You can off by going to settings. This will increase the battery life.

Source: 5 tricks to enhance your telephones battery life

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