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How to link Call of Duty: Mobile to your Facebook Account



How to link Call of Duty Mobile to your Facebook Account

Recently, The newest battle royale game Call of Duty: Mobile game announced. And unlike PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile only has two options for users wanting to log in. There are two options available for wanting to log in. And those are either log in using your Facebook account or logging in as a guest.

There are a few ways to link the two accounts. Both are easy methods, but one is certainly more apparent than the other.

Linking your Facebook account lets you carry progress across devices. It also ensures your data won’t be lost if there’s an issue. If you’ve never played the game, such as in the beta, linking Facebook is the better option especially if you anticipate playing on more than one device.

How to link Facebook account to Call of Duty: Mobile

Launch Call of Duty: Mobile and wait for the login screen to appear

Select Facebook, this should prompt to login page

Enter Facebook’s credential to login

Call of Duty has the permission to access your Facebook details, select positive here.

Inside the setting menu, search for a blue icon in the top right corner marked “Link”. This will take you into the Facebook link screen. after you tap on the Facebook icon, it will ask you if you want to link the selected account to confirm.

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