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How to submit your website to Yahoo! News



How to submit your website to Yahoo! News: Yahoo! News is one of the most popular news aggregators and it gets over millions of visitors.

Yahoo News is by far the most popular online news aggregator and search engine in terms of daily usage.

It works similar to the Google News and Techmeme, and the main stories you can see on the front page. and internal search stories are served via the Yahoo News index.

Google News also serves front page results from sites it deems news authorities, and internal results are based upon search relevancy and story timing.

Submitting your news site to Yahoo News is a little more old school than one may think.

Yahoo News uses a News Source Submission Form which asks for information like news topic, RSS feed and geographic location.

How to submit your website to Yahoo! News

First submit you site, before submit your site/blog is indexed by yahoo!

Yahoo! Directory : Directory — The large scale directory of the Internet., though am not sure whether this one is really useful, still nothing wrong in trying this.

Site Explorer: It allows us to explore all the web pages indexed by Yahoo! Search.

Source Form: a opinion form, fill the form and make sure you satisfy Yahoo! with all your answers and sources.

Getting Featured on Yahoo! News:

There are simple ways to get features, The content must be unique and SEO friendly, Content will be original.

Your page should index and load quickly, your site will have more than one authors, for this, you can enable Guest Blogging on your site/blog.

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