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How to Survive PUBG Zombie Mode: Tips & Tricks to Survive The Night



How to Survive PUBG Zombie Mode: Tips & Tricks to Survive The Night

PUBG Mobile had brings 0.11.0 long awaited Resident Evil 2 collaboration with PUBG Zombies Mode. in 0.11.0 update, included several improvement like new weapons, skins and Zombies. New PUBG Mobile event is challenging and you have to use all your skills to Survive Till Dawn.

Along with this update, new feature like Moonlight weather in Vikendi Map, Arcade mode for Sanhok and more.

Survive Till the Dawn in PUBG??

Survive till the Dawn mode serve the player and intact experience of battle royal along with Zombie Survival. In Zombie Mode, features 60 players instead of 100 and includes three days and two nights in the 30 minutes game.

60 players jump into the map of zombie where they need to survive till the Dawn from the zombie. To make your Zombie mode a breeze, we have come up with best tips to survive PUBG Zombie mode that will help you grab your Chicken Dinner.

PUBG game provide only is giving 2 night before the final circle close by but surviving these night is going to be tough job. You will have to kill all the opponents to get chicken dinner.

How to Survive PUBG Zombie Mode

  • Accurate Landing
  • Zombie Bomb are your best friend
  • Rely upon Shotgun
  • stay together at night
  • Zombie Vaccine
  • Search for Vehicles
  • Optimum use of Ammo
  • Aim High
  • Kill Zombie Bosses
  • Plan your kill
  • Pick Your Picket
  • Learn About Zombies Behavior
  • Keep Full Stock of Health Kits
  • Camp Like Boss
  • Run for your life
  • Chicken Dinner

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Accurate Landing:

You need to ensure that the landing spots play a very important role. Land within the house stay off from open fields. You will be fine if land near the water because zombies in PUBG Mobile do not enter in the water.

Zombie Bomb are best friend;

It will help you to clean up the heard of Zombies in one go, and the important part of Zombie Bomb is that it will not harm players and are only meant to kill Zombies.

Rely Upon Shotgun:

Killing instantly with the shotgun. The shotguns have a higher damage rate & due to the same, Can kill zombie in one shot. You can kill zombie by using calibar weapons. You have to get the 7.62mm compatible gun.

Stay Together at night:

Stay together will help you to survive in night, because you can not survive alone in Erangel Map. Post sunset is when most of the zombies turn violent and start attacking players. so you will have to stay together as a team and kill them.

Zombie Vaccine:

Zombies area unit quite virtually everyplace and after you hear them, You are possible aiming to encounter them whereas enjoying the PUBG Zombie Mode. Attack by the zombies will remain imminent during the game, so keep zombie vaccine in you kitty to heal faster.

Search for Vehicles:

Vehicle are the best buddy in PUBG Game, Use the vehicle to dam the doorway to the building. This can stop zombies from coming into the building shopping for you adequate time to fireplace and hold them off until dawn. You also park the vehicle on the door of the building which will back the way for zombies.

Optimum use of Ammo:

You can killed zombies with bullets. However night falls upon us, spawn from everywhere. ammo exhausting in no time will remain high, therefor, pick up all the ammo that comes your way and store them in your bag.

Aim High:

You have to make sure the aim at the head of the Zombies to kill them quickly in the Survive Till Dawn.

Kill Zombies Bosses:

You can not forget to look out for huge zombies bosses during the fighting. You will have to need to withstand the big zombies bosses in the entire bloodshed. Zombies bosses are the big creature that will require more bullets to get eliminated. Killing them, you will get more loot as compare to other zombies.

Plan your Kill & Pick Picket:

You will have to stay low and engage the enemy and zombies only when needed. You will be able to save your ammo.

Dock at a place where you can stay away from zombies and pick the enemies at ease. two story building like structure or a roof top will for good.

Learn About Zombies Behavior:

Zombies that may seem on the second night would be harder to modify than the primary one, Tend to refill with all quite zombie repellents accessible. They are more furious and run at ta faster speed as compared to the zombies that appear in the first night.

Keep Full Stock of Health Kits:

Keep a stock of first aid kits, energy drinks, med kits and painkillers. While fighting, it will keep you boosted and will heal your up quickly.

Camp Like Boss:

Decide a building a natural choke purpose like a steps to keep up a secure distance from the zombies so as to require them out. secure your position , this plan of action may purchase you precious seconds to eliminate them enemies.

Run for your Life:

After first night, heal up and prepare to run towards the centre of the map. spend second night running as the zombies are difficult to hard to fight.

Chicken Dinner:

Change the locations to search other players & kill them when it’s dawn. The barrage will not stop until other payers on the map are eliminated.

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Below are some tip to survive the first night and second night??

How to Survive First night?

You need to plan to land at best location, school, Pochhinki are the best options for loots in zombies mode. You must focus on for more loots to survive the first night. Loots like Shotgun, machine gun, riffle ammo, first aid kits, med kits, energy drinks, and painkillers are the priority.

You will not use ammo on engaging the zombies in the daytime just keep running and save the ammo for night. You have to find a shelter a house or rooftops where you can plan before the night falls. Sync with your teammates. You can also survive first night by running in an open field. because zombies are very slow and they can not catch you.

How to Survive Second Night:

IN the second night, You have to search for a vehicle because, it will be insanely hard to survive you can not run in an open field and survive you will die feeding zombies. In case you not get vehicle, get your teammates & get your loots collected and start eliminating Zombies. Look for bomb and Zombies vaccination, Minigun or Flamethrower.


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