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WhatsApp Group Video call now available for up to 8 people: Here’s How



WhatsApp Group Video call now available for up to 8 people: Here's How

WhatsApp is now rolling out group video and voice chats for up to eight people across both iOS and Android.

In order to reach the new upper limit, everyone on the call will need to be running the updated version of the app. To start a group video call, you can either initiate the call directly from a group chat or add extra people manually after starting a one-on-one call.

Now, group video and voice calling for you and seven friends has been released to the general public on both iOS and Android. According to the app’s iOS release notes for version 2.20.50:

According to MSPoweruser, if you’re on Android you’ll need to download WhatsApp 2.20.141 from the WhatsApp website. In order for this to work with your friends and family, they too will have to be running the latest version of WhatsApp on their respective devices.

How to Join with 8 people WhatsApp Group Video call

Users have to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store and App Store.

You can start by opening a group chat where there are four or more participants. Tap on the call icon on top which is visible just next to the group chat’s name.

Then select the people you want to add in the group call from the participants list.

You can choose up to seven people with the eighth member being yourself.

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