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WhatsApp New Feature: how to share your WhatsApp Status on facebook



WhatsApp New Feature: how to share your WhatsApp Status on facebook

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for Android users to let them share their stories directly on the Facebook story and other apps. Similar to Facebook Stories, WhatsApp Status shared on Facebook will also come with 24- hour visibility.

The features started rolling out the sharing to Facebook feature on WhatsApp for Android 2.19.258 or higher as well as on iOS.

Users reported on Twitter, So WhatsApp has a new feature, you can share your story on WhatsApp to Facebook. For me, this is quite interesting, a centralized mode of communicating to the various platform.

The New #WhatsApp update allows you to share your statuses on to you #FacebookStory as well.

To see this feature, tap on share button which will show you the apps you can share your WhatsApp status with. Tapping on Share to Facebook Story will let you share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story.

Facebook made the first move in this direction by introducing WhatsApp by Facebook branding in the beta version of WhatsApp last month. Now the company is taking a bigger step in this direction by offering features that allow WhatsApp users to share Status on Facebook within the app.

How to share your WhatsApp Status on Facebook
  • First, Open WhatsApp and make a status
  • To share a story on Facebook, tap Share to Facebook Story under My Status and allow the app to open the Facebook App.
  • Select Audience to share status to on Facebook and then click on Share Now
  • The three dots button when the page shows the status that you specifically want to share and then click on Share on Facebook
  • Allow WhatsApp to open Facebook, tap on Share Now.

Via: TheMobileIndian

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