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Indian Smartphone Users Installs Average 50 Apps on their mobile: Report



Indian Smartphone Users Installs Average 50 Apps on their mobile: Report

Users installed apps their smartphone range from 5 to 207 in India. The average number of installed apps on a phone 51, a report said.

However, People do not use all the apps. As per report of techARC, People in India use just about 24 apps on their smartphones.

techARC DIGIT insight states that the average number of apps install are 51 , and such extremely high installation of apps can not only drain the smartphones in several ways and also impact smatrphone’s performance.


Apps uses Categories wise:

Apps have got embedded into the daily lives of Indians. As many as 38 % of their use 6 to 10 apps a day. However Social media apps lead the usage as many as 76 % of the users using them on a daily basis.

Mobile gaming has gained a lot, ans second most used Gaming apps with 70 % of the users playing one or the other game daily on their smartphones.

Financial App, 47% of the users use the financial apps that include banking apps as well as wallet apps to perform transaction.

A research found that, more than 40% users are using entertainment apps, and watching content on a daily basis. Entertainment apps include, Live TV, Video one demand and other such apps showing video content.

The rise in usage of gaming and entertainment apps is a good news for the telecom operators. These two are data heavy applications of smartphone which can become promising revenue generators for them once the hyper-competitiveness settles in the market, report said.

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