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India’s 4G Speed slower than Pakistan’s: Ranks behind Neighbours countries



India’s 4G slower than Pakistan’s

The availability of 4G has improved significantly in India in recent times but the speed at which these but the speed at which these 4G connections remains dismal. So bad is the 4G speed offered by telecom companies that it is slower than what 4G users in neighbouring Pakistan get.


As per the report, 4g Speed increased in India but the speed download speed has remained static at 6.1 MBPS for about year. Report says, attribute the growth of the smartphone penetration in India and the addition of the more internet users on the mobile network for the slower speed of the mobile internet.


The average 4G LTE data speed in India has remained static for more than year at rate 6.3mbps which is almost a third of the global average of about 17 mbps , making it among the slowest country on the metrics.


4G download speeds are even slower than neighbours Sri Lanka (13.95mbps), Pakistan (13.56mbps) and Myanma (15.56mbps), according to UK speed tester Open Signal.


As per the Economics Times Report, the average LTE data speed in India has remained constant for more than year at about 6.1mbps , much is much lesser than the average 17mbps.


As report says, overall 4G availability increased for every major operator in the Dec-Feb period , and all 4G provider including Airtel, Idea, Jio and Vodafone crossed 65 percent LTE availability threshold in April. The speed of most operator improved marginally.


India’s leading operator Bharti Airtel came out on the top with an average download speed on 4G at 9.31 mbps.


OpenSignal analyst Peter Boyland told ET that the comparatively slower speeds in Indai are due to the astronomical growth in terms of smartphone penetration in India, with millions of new users connecting to its mobile networks every month.


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