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Instagram Update: Instagram removes scrolling from feed and replaced with horizontal feed



Instagram Update: Instagram removes scrolling from feed and replaced with horizontal feed

Instagram is rolling out a new way for users to navigate through their feed. Users can now slide from the left or right side of the screen to move up and down the feed in horizontal format.

Instagram removes scrolling feeds from vertical to horizontal. The feature seems to be rolling to for iOS users at the time of writing and internet it already up in arms about the change.

The company is rolling out with major redesign to its interface and removes vertical scrolling. Users gotten the update took to Twitter to express their displeasure about the change.

Adam Mosseri Head of Instagram tweeted, This was supposed to be very small test but we went broader than we anticipated.

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He added, Instagram was attempting to test the feature with a small percentage of users. But the bug caused a much broader rollout to a few orders of magnitude more people than planned.

The company has not issued any official notification on this new change. However this seems to be a fundamental change for smartphone users.

Instagram removed scrolling feeds from vertical to horizontal & how works Horizontal scrolling

Tap to advanced makes it easier to move between posts with them staying fully in view. Compared to scrolling where it can take a some adjustment to make sure the top to bottom of a post is not cut off.

Scrolling shows that author of posts first, then content, then the caption, which is a sensible and intuitive way browse.

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Some users reported that the horizontal scrolling appeared and then vanished after some time. We are not sure if this was because of the negative reaction on social media or if. It was a time limited test that reached more users then it should have.