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Instagram users can now flag false content: All you need to know



Instagram users can now flag false content: All you need to know

Facebook has started allowing Instagram users to flag false content on the photo-and video-sharing platform.

I’m proud that, starting today, people can let us know if they see posts on Instagram they believe may be false.

“There’s still more to do to stop the spread of misinformation, more to came,” Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram said in a tweet.

In Time, Instagram will use the feedback, as well as other signals–how old a post is and. The account’s previous behavior–to determine if a post needs to be reviewed by third-party fact-checkers. This is slight than the pilot program Instagram launched in May. For now, that will remain a pilot.

As per, the company has released the feature in the US that allows a user to report false information. The feature is also expected to hit international markets in about two weeks.

Additionally, fact-checkers will also double-check the posts once a user flag content as false. Furthermore, even if the post turns out to be false, it would not be deleted from the platform, the report said.

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Such posts will be downplayed on explore and hashtag pages, Stephain Otway, an Instagram spokesperson.

To flag false misinformation, users will have to click the three-dot menu at the upper right corner of the Instagram post. And then select its inappropriate and false information.

Instagram will use those flags to get a better understanding of misinformation on the platform. To train its Artificial Intelligence to detect false content, Engadget reported.

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